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Vehicle Diagnostics

Diagnosing complex vehicle faults

Advanced Diagnostics Equipment

Vehicle Diagnostics in the North East.

Modern cars these days are full of electronics and electrical components. From time to time some of these electrical components may fail. It could be something simple like the electric windows have stopped working or the rear window heater won't turn on.


A modern Vehicle Management System controls many aspects of the vehicle's mechanics and electrical systems like the ABS system and emission controls along with controlling the vehicle's performance aspects. There are so many features of a modern vehicle that relies on the electrical system built into the vehicle that the most efficient way of tracking a fault is using the diagnostics checking equipment.

Vehicle Diagnostics


Nolan Auto Services have advanced diagnostics checking equipment to see whether a simple fuse has blown or whether the problem requires more investigation. At Nolan Auto Services we use some of the most advanced diagnostics equipment available to ensure an accurate and speedy diagnosis for your vehicle issues. Using  our advanced diagnostics equipment we are able to pinpoint any vehicle issues saving time trying to establish the specific fault. The diagnostics computer plugs directly into the brain of the vehicle to determine the precise fault.

This enable us know what parts may be required and how long it will take to fix the problem. allowing us to provide a much more accurate quotation to our customer.


If you're lucky, it could be just a blown fuse, but to find out if there are more serious underlying problems, you need an electrical or diagnostics check by our technicians at Nolan Auto Services.


Diagnostic equipment can be used to determine complex vehicle issues along with the following common faults:


  • Engine management issues
  • ABS faults
  • Electrical faults
  • Sensor issues
  • Light issues
  • Emission faults


Having your electrical faults diagnosed by us will give you the reassurance that our mechanics will carry out the work in accordance with the vehicle manufacturers recommendations.

We have the latest in Mercedes Benz Star Diagnostics which enable us to quickly diagnose any fault on your Mercedes Benz!

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Nolan Auto Services is a family run independent garage. We provide full garage services for all makes of vehicles.


We specialise in high end marques including Mercedes, BMW & Audi.

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